CBM Store and Forward

CBM Store and Forward features an advanced mail delivery system and secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) that receives external agency submissions including Applicant Files, Criminal Records, EFT Files, Latent Prints (ULW), Universal Face Workstation (UFW), MobileID, and RISC then forwards the submissions to corresponding State AFIS and FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) for processing. Once processed, the responses are returned to the agencies via e-mail or SFTP through the CBM Store and Forward System. CBM Store and Forward comes equipped with an advanced database backend that allows detailed tracking of all submissions and responses. Each Internet transaction is encrypted to provide only authorized access to confidential information. Additional features include backups of all submission and response files, and utilization of Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation in order to ensure transactions are never lost. The system can be scaled to provide load-balancing, and fault tolerant reliability ensuring it stays up in even the most tasking of environments.