Paperless Office Solutions

Every organization has documents that they store to view or modify over time.  Having paper documents can be a burden and hurt efficiency whenever a document takes excessive time to be found or even goes missing.  This can result in frustrated workers/customers, loss of business, and even lawsuits.  With a wide array of paperless office solutions that suit the needs of almost any scale organization, CBM Archives can benefit almost every industry.

From full paperless office solutions implementations (consultation, hardware, software, installation, support) to any individual part of the process CBM Archives has the solution for you.  With over 20 years of paperless solutions experience CBM Archives systems convert over 175,000 paper documents to digital every day.  This along with our ability to convert almost any type of document, record, or form assures we meet the needs of your organization.

In addition to the environmental benefits of our paperless solutions, the bottom line of your business is also greatly affected.  Reducing the time of retrieving documents from hours/minutes to seconds can free your organization to focus on what is important and not on retrieving documents.  Additionally, multiple people can view the digital document at the same time without having to physically pass it around.

Large and bulky filing cabinets can also affect the bottom line when it comes to paying for storage or not maximizing the operational space.  Our back-file solutions will help digitalize those documents and eliminate the cabinets.  Paperless offices can also open up a new world to business with the capability of having remote employees who can access all the files digitally.  These are just a few of the many advantages of CBM Archives paperless solutions.

Let CBM Archives help your organization “go green” by implementing paperless document management solutions to eliminate large bulky filing cabinets, increase office workspace, and improve efficiency.



Paperless Office Solutions