Mai (Mickie) Chanyarlak
Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Chanyarlak, Chief Executive Officer since November 1992 of CBM Archives Co.  Ms. Chanyarlak brings with her more than 35 years of experience with overall financial management, with expertise in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order Management, Human Resources and Investments. Ms. Chanyarlak has developed and maintained a powerful rapport with her clients that has led to a strong reputation for her companies. Ms. Chanyarlak has established strong customer relationships with outside vendors and lending institutions in order to maximize CBM Archives’ ability to be competitive and offer quality services.

Throughout her career Ms. Chanyarlak has been recognized as an insightful investor. Ms. Chanyarlak supports various charities primarily focusing on the youth and women in the community. She is a big believer in helping those disadvantaged in our society.

Jerry Sanders

Mr. Sanders has more than 15 years experience installing and integrating document management systems. Prior to working for CBM Archives Co, Mr. Sanders has served as the President of the Tokairo US operations and contributed 8 years at the Corpus Christi Fire Department. Mr. Sanders has received a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

Nathan Chanyarlak
Vice President

Mr. Chanyarlak has been with CBM Archives for over 13 years and brings over 10 years of marketing and sales experience.  He is a graduate of Texas A&M Corpus Christi with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.   Mr. Chanyarlak assumed the role of Vice President in 2014.  His responsibilities include establishing and maintaining organizational goals.

Frank Schwing
Support Manager

Mr. Schwing was hired by CBM Archives in 2004. He brings over 15 years of customer service experience, 10 years of that in the IT field. His knowledge covers site preparation to ongoing preventative maintenance covering a diverse variety of equipment.

Roy McNett
Development Manager

Mr. McNett brings over 15 years of programming experience to CBM Archives. What started out as a hobby turned into a career, Mr. McNett has programmed using many computer languages and platforms. As developemnt manager, these experiences and lessons serve as tools for guidance and mentoring.

Cookie Dodd
Operations Manager

Mrs. Dodd has been with CBM Archives over 10 yrs.  Mrs. Dodd has developed and maintained a powerful rapport with customers by providing the necessary resources to address any issues or concerns from billing to technical support a customer may have.  Mrs. Dodd’s involvement of a project begins with the generating of a quote, monitoring project for completion, invoicing of project, to issuing technical support/maintenance renewal contract of a project when applicable.

Mrs. Dodd has worked in the administrative field for over 20 yrs.  Her job responsibilities required high skill level of organizational, coordination of events/projects as well as management of projects.