Human Resources (Document Management HR Solutions)

With the growth of any organization comes the pain of managing a growing number of records.  Human Resource departments can be responsible for anything from insurance documents, resumes, applications, and other related employee documents.  These critical documents if left in the wrong hands or misplaced can have severe consequences.

Document Management HR Solutions from CBM Archives are designed with HR Managers and their needs in mind.  Our goal is to empower HR Managers with the ability to digitally capture documents and increase organizational efficiency.  A few advantages of our Document Management HR Solutions include:

  • *  Documents can be recalled in seconds instead of having to physically locate the document
  • *  Documents are secured and confidential
  • *  Auditing can be utilized to view the activity of a record
  • *  Multiple digital versions of records can be viewed at the same time
  • *  Digital documents reduce the time taken printing or scanning documents
  • *  Increases efficiency with remote employees by enabling them online access to documents

Additionally with CBM Archives newest offering CBM SkyForms, organizations can use any hardware device (IPad, IPhone, Android Tablet, PC) to complete and sign fillable PDF digital forms from any location.  This streamlines the HR process and allows for the creating, managing, storing, and automatic processing of digital documents among many other organizational benefits.

No matter how large or small the organization, CBM Archives will tailor a solution to meet your exact HR needs.

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