Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Document Management?

Document management is the process of taking paper or electronic documents and applying them to a system that allows them to be used quickly, securely, and more efficiently than traditional paper workflow implementations.

2. Why choose CBM Archives?

 Thousands of people worldwide use and rely on CBM implemented systems on a daily basis.  This coupled with over 20 years of experience and knowledge will assure that we have the correct solution for you.

3. Can CBM integrate with our existing system?

Applications can be written or modified to seamlessly integrate both off the shelf and legacy software within the environment of each specific site. CBM Archives Co. has the knowledge and years of experience to help integrate into almost any scale of system saving your organization important time and money.

4. Where is CBM Archives Located?

CBM is headquartered in Austin, TX with satellite offices in Corpus Christi, TX and San Antonio, TX

5. How can my company benefit from having a document management system?

Companies can benefit from a document management system in several ways depending one their individual needs. Some of the most common benefits that tend to be true across companies are listed below.

* A DMS provides a central repository for documents allowing multiple users to access the information without the documents themselves being “lost in the shuffle”.
* A DMS saves physical space by reducing and/or eliminating file cabinets in the workplace.
* A DMS allows for quicker searching that can include multiple search criterion.
* A DMS allows documents to be backed up and replicated such that a single disaster doesn’t not permanently destroy them.
* A DMS allows for documents to be routed to various users and groups for processing while still maintaining central control.
* A DMS is effective at securing documents such that only authorized individuals can gain access. This can be accomplished with both user/group permissions and encryption.
* A DMS can assist in achieving and/or maintaining regulatory compliance.
* A DMS can provide a competitive edge and increase customer satisfaction.

6. Will my documents be secure?

Like most things, security is dependent on proper setup and execution. However, a document management system can and should provide the tools necessary for effectively securing your documents. By properly leveraging user and group permissions, a much more flexible and secure access to documents can be maintained than is available through traditional paper based systems. Additionally, by implementing encryption, companies can gain additional insurance against even unauthorized access to documents. Further, system logs provide insight into who is accessing what data and when.

7. What document formats do you support?

Most modern document management systems are agnostic as to the types of files and data stored within them. Virtually any document accessible via a computer can be efficiently indexed, stored and retrieved in its native format. Files that are considered native to the DMS would be most image formats including TIF, JPG, PDF, BMP, etc.