CBM Electronic Biometric Transmission Specification (EBTS) Manager

CBM EBTS Manager, from CBM Archives Co., allows users to create, view, and print FBI compliant Electronic Fingerprint Transaction records meeting the ANSI/NIST standard. CBM EBTS Manager is highly customizable and built to accommodate the individual needs of each client.CBM EBTS Manager supports the viewing of image and non image data in EBTS Records. New FBI approved data types are quickly added, in most instances by the time the standard is approved.

Data includes:
Type – 2 (Demographic)
Type – 4 (Finger prints)
Type – 7 (Scanned Cards)
Type – 10 (Mug shots)
Type – 14 (Slaps)
Type – 15 (Palm Prints)

CBM EBTS Manager uses Aware Inc. API, and supports the scanning and capture of fingerprints among many other images which can be forwarded, stored, printed, edited, or viewed in EBTS Record form.