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Document Management Systems – CBM Archives Co. is proud to be the complete document management solution for almost any agency needing management of critical documents. Document management is the process of taking paper or electronic documents and applying them to a system that allows them to be used quickly, securely, and more efficiently than traditional paper workflow implementations. These systems can be a simple single workstation implementation or complex infrastructures spanning hundreds of terabytes of information. All document management systems are different from the next, so let CBM’s team of experts provide your organization with the best document management system available to accomplish all organizational goals and challenges.

System Integration – Depending on your organizations current environment, systems can be built from scratch or integrated in with existing document management systems. Applications can be written or modified to seamlessly integrate both off the shelf and legacy software within the environment of each specific site. CBM Archives Co. has the knowledge and years of experience to help integrate into almost any scale of system saving your organization important time and money.

Business Analysis – CBM Archives Co. can provide consulting services that allow our years of experience to help your organization select a document management system best fit to help overcome organizational goals and challenges.

Paperless Solutions –
With a wide array of paperless solutions that suit the needs of almost any scale organization, CBM Archives can benefit almost every industry. Let CBM Archives help your organization “go green” by implementing a paperless document management system to eliminate large bulky filing cabinets, increase office workspace, and improve efficiency.

Document Imaging – CBM Archives Co. will help your organization convert all paper documents to digital to reduce space, improve security, efficiency, and productivity.

Biometric Technologies – CBM Archives Co. has worked closely with several agencies and has gained extensive experience in dealing with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Records, Electronic File Transfer Files, fingerprints, mug shots, dispositions, etc. CBM has developed custom applications specifically to interface with Live Scan fingerprinting systems, card scan systems as well as paper based systems.

Legacy System Conversion – CBM Archives Co. can help customers who have a current document management system in place and wish to convert to a different platform.

Digital Signatures – Allows the signing and validation of documents eliminating the need for a wet signature that can cause inefficiencies.

Electronic Forms – Replace paper based forms with electronic based forms that are more flexible and efficient.

Custom Programming – CBM Archives Co. has a staff of talented developers that can provide custom programming to suit the individualized needs of any organization.

• Software & Application Development
• Database Design & Integration
• Custom Applications & Enhancements to existing software


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