CBM Archives Co. is a dynamic, high tech document management firm headquartered in Austin Texas. Founded in 1992, CBM Archives was one of the first companies to integrate document imaging of crime records into the law enforcement workplace. Starting as a small records management facility, CBM recognized an ever-growing need for electronic document management. CBM Archives quickly became an invaluable resource for early technology adopters and began to uncover the true value of varied document management systems. For over 20 years, CBM Archives has met the needs of a variety of agencies and has grown to become an industry leader in providing document management solutions for government agencies and law enforcement.

CBM Archives primary client base consists of a diverse group of state and local agencies spanning the nation from the East Coast to the West Coast. The client base has primarily been in law enforcement with an emphasis on the archiving of critical documents, including criminal histories and FBI compliant records; however, all agencies and businesses can benefit from CBM services. Many of CBM Archives customers have required an extensive back file conversion (scanning older paper records into an electronic format and indexing them for instant retrieval) in addition to the robust image archive system. Document types range from fingerprint cards, arrest records, case notes, and various other forms and applications. Regardless of the challenges of a particular customer, CBM has the experience and proven ability to provide a custom solution that will fit individualized needs. CBM Archives firmly believes that building a good relationship with each customer is the most important aspect of doing business. CBM has built a strong reputation based on knowledge, experience, and the ethics and values starting with management down through the staff. CBM is proud of this reputation and will put the needs of each customer first on every project.