CBM CCH Archive

CBM Archives Co. has been working closely with several state and local agencies to provide the ability to view entire crime record archives via the World Wide Web. Now with the exciting possibilities of the CCH Archive and in partnership with Aware Inc., outside agencies can access the archives via the web to quickly and accurately compare fingerprints while a suspect is still in custody.

High Quality Images: Fingerprints, mug shots, palm prints, etc. cards are scanned in at a high resolution. This allows for crisp, clear and accurate images to be viewed and printed.

Quick Search Capabilities: By simply entering a State ID number or a transaction number, the selected fingerprint images and supporting documents can be downloaded in seconds.

Cutting Edge Viewer Capabilities: The interface incorporates a high quality zoom feature that allows for an incredibly close view of a fingerprint. However, rather than transferring the large file at one time and overtaxing bandwidth, cutting edge processes are used to send the image data and bands. This allows for quick viewing of the initial image without full transmission for items of minimal interest.

Easy to Use Web Browser: The CBM browser was kept simple and intuitive which allows for a successful record search the first time you use the program.

Unlimited Access: Once installed, CBM allows unlimited view capabilities to each licensed workstation.

Customizable Security Privileges: Define the precise users and groups that can access data all the way down to the document level.

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