CBM Biometric Kiosks

CBM Biometric Kiosks are ideal for any agency needing to electronically submit fingerprints to local and federal authorities.


The CBM Biometric Kiosk can be used by police and sheriff departments or other central booking facilities to fingerprint offenders or to offer applicant processing to the public.  Jails can use the device to provide inmate identity verification or even visitor checks.  Probation offices can benefit from additional efficiency by allowing probationers to self-check-in such that only those requiring face-time are routed through to parole officers.  Driver’s license offices can increase productivity by allowing self-service renewals.  The opportunities provided by our kiosks are only limited by imagination.

The CBM Biometric Kiosks have a modern design and can be fully customized to meet agencies’ needs.  The basic configuration is outfitted with dual monitors; one is a touch screen display, magnetic card reader, signature pad, mug shot photo camera, fingerprint scanner (or optional palm scanner) and a securely enclosed central processing unit.

With the CBM Biometric Kiosk, initiating a background check is easy and convenient.  Simply walk up to the kiosk, swipe your drivers license or state issued identification, and follow a few on-screen instructions.  The CBM Biometric Kiosk will scan fingerprints, take a photo, and then securely submit them electronically to the appropriate authorities.


  • Touchscreen Display
  • Small Footprint (only requires a power plug/internet connection)
  • Fully Customizable (multiple enclosures available)
  • Secured enclosure to prevent from unauthorized tampering
  • Dual Monitors (instructions, features, support)
  • Magstrip Reader for Drivers Licenses
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Signature Pad
  • Photo Mugshot Camera
  • Palm Scanner
  • Mobile (with optional wheels)

Solutions for:

  • Police Departments
  • School Districts
  • Concealed Handgun
  • License Renewal
  • Sheriff Departments
  • Local & County Jails
  • Correctional Facilities


Please Contact a Sales Representative for more information about CBM Biometric Kiosks.

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