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CBM Archives Co., LLC DIR.jpg Contract # DIR-SDD-1966, vendor ID 1263464715500




The pricing on this store is reflective of the Texas State DIR Contract # DIR-SDD-1966. Please include this number on all Purchase Orders. All Public Entities in Texas can utilize this contract. If you are a State and Local Government entity and would prefer to purchase an CBM Archives Co., LLC product or service from a Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB), please review the contact information below for our HUB partners.



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Texas DIR requires two items to be completed before work can begin:

1.    DBITS Statement of Work (SOW)

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Contacts for Texas State DIR Contract # DIR-SDD-1966


CBM Archives


Vendor ID 1263464715500

Name: Jerry Sanders

Email:  jerry.sanders@cbmarchives.com

Phone:  (361) 241-2310 x101

Fax:      (361) 242-9886





MicroAssist, Inc.


Name: Sanjay Nasta

Email:  snasta@microassist.com

Phone:  (512) 794-8440

Fax:      (512) 794-8742


iCaught Incorporated


Email:  sales@icaught.com

Phone:  (512) 453-2653

Fax:      (512) 233-2351